Friday, May 21, 2010

Ugh. After all that time spent making my nails look gorge, shiny, smooth, perfect, I gte to work this morning to find taht I have the same problem today as I did yesterday morning. The Seche Vite made my nail polish peel in LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!! What the f***? This is supposed to be so great, I even applied it over wet polish, as per the website, but its still crappy. It could be that the China Glaze flip flop fantasy is a weird texture or something, it does dry kind of flat and matte-ish, so I'll try again tonight with a different texture, maybe a creme or jelly instead of a neon. We shall see. In the meantime I plan on going to Sallys to get a stickier base coat, and Poshe topcoat, which is supposedly somewhat like Seche Vite. Maybe that will work better for me.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Customizing this blog is so confusing. bear with me while i try to gain back my html skills. They haven't been put to use in about four years so they're super rusty which is a PITA. hahha. I'm trying at least.

I'm currently painting my nails. my right thumb is being a bitch since i"m right handed and I just can't seem to get it streak free. I'm using China Glaze's Flip-Flop Fantasy from the new poolside summer 2010 collection. I don't know where my sd card went so I cant take any pictures yet, but it's apparently a really hard color to capture. Its more pink than it appears in photos others have posted; a super orangey hot pink. love ittt.

I used my new Seche Vite top coat and I like it so far, but the application is tricky. apparently you're supposed to apply it when the polish is still kind of wet? Its confusing. I'm giving it another go after reading Nail Ninja's review on it.

So my thumb is still streaky after a 7th try, but imma just leave it alone. I'm hella tired. xoxo



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