Thursday, February 24, 2011

Revire and Swatch: OPI Guy Meets Gal-veston

This is one of the new Spring 2011 polishes from the OPI Texas collection. Named after a city I live not too far from, GMG is a gorge coral jelly that applies like a dream.

OPI calls it a "sorbet"'s a is really sheer on the first coat but gets significantly more punchy with a second coat. I prefer three coats topped off with Poshé myself.

My fam has a cabin at Bolivar so of course this is the first polish I bought from this collection!

Coral is a hot color for spring and summer so give this polish a try!

I know my skin looks yellow in some of these. Lol. I adjusted the color settings to get the color of the polish to be accurate.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review and Swatch: Philosophy Lipgloss in Cinnamon Buns

Philosophy is a really great brand. Their packaging is top notch and the quality of their products are great! In Ulta a few weeks back I picked up their lipgloss in cinnamon buns. It smells so good but not too overpowering to me and I can't tell that it has a taste. Its a clear color with lots of yellow gold glitter in it. It has a pretty long ingredient list but I don't see any parabens on here! It is pretty thick n' goopy but its not super duper sticky or anythin. Recommended? Yes! I want to go back and get the other scents and colors too.

Let's Review
Great smell
Nice color
Decent lasting power
All in all a fun little lipgloss.
Stay away if you don't fancy cinammon smells! Durrrr.
Apologies for the awkward self tanner on my arm. Will address that issue later. Hehe.

Its been a long time.'s been a long time since I last put anything here. Not that anyone reads this anyway. But I figured I'd do things I love and hate about myself.

PhotobucketI like that I actually have an ass instead of a nass (no ass)

PhotobucketI have decent length eyelashes

PhotobucketMy skin gets spotty sometimes but it's generally healthy

PhotobucketI like my height, even though I'm short

PhotobucketMy legs have a fairly decent shape even though there are a lot of scars on them

PhotobucketI hate that my face is asymetrical. It makes me so ugly in the face. My lips bother me the most. I hate hate hate them.

PhotobucketMy nose is ugly and large even though I had 2 surgeries done on it

PhotobucketI have a very very small chest

I am very self conscious and I hate my face. I know I'll never be as gorge as my friends. Its quite depressing. I had a rather hard time coming up with the good things. In jr. high I wouldn't even look myself in the mirror. There are days when I feel pretty and then I try to take a photo for facebook or swatching something and I feel terrible after that.

Any tips on how to be less self conscious?



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