Wednesday, March 30, 2011


School has been so stressful lately. After I finish this semester I'll have just 2 classes to go before I apply for my dental program! Praying I get in!

My baby puppy love, Brooklynn, gets spayed on April 21st. I am so nervous. I don't like my doggies having surgery but I don't want her to have puppies and contribute to the shelter problems.

Money has been a bit of an issue lately. I stress over it so much. And the sad part is that I work my ass off and still can't afford to move out. I'm still paying off my car repairs from the wreck I had in November. I really want my own place with me and Brooklynn and Scout and Morelli. And I would like to get a new car. Not a new new car, but a new to me car. At least a 2009 or 2010 model.

Goals! I have lots of things I am aspiring to. So many things to accomplish!

I am off to eat dinner and study for my Anatomy and Physiology test! Wish me luck!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Favorites!

These are a few of my favorite things from this week!

Blank CDs that look like vinyl records

This Cath Kidston Bunch Flowers Day Bag

Illamasqua Spring 2011 Toxic Nature Collection

This amazing etsy shop with the most beautiful candles

Do you have any favorites that you'd like to share this week?

An Exception to the Rule - Giveaway!

This is such a great giveaway!

Feautres NARS, ELF, & Organic Surge!

First Prize, Runner Up, and Second Runner up winners!

Deadline is 3/28!

Emily's Anthology 100 Followers Giveaway!

Her amazing giveaway includes:
Skinfood Top Coat
Elianto Base Coat
Hada Labo Limited Edition Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Trial Set
MP Blush in 01
Elianto Pearl Shine Shadow
Urban Decay NYC Box of Shadows

ENDS: April 15th

Adventures in Makeup Giveaway!

She put together a gorgeous nude eye palette, a pair of falsies, and the new LADY GAGA II lipglass and lipstick! What a great chance to snag some awesome MAC goodies!

Check it out quick kids! It's over on 3/31!

All Made Up Giveaway!

Includes brands like Too Faced, Playboy, and Softlips!

Deadline is 3/20!

Thanks Joy!

Lipgloss Love Affair Head to Toe Giveaway!

She has included amazing gifts for every part of your body, including:

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Eyeshadow Trio in Island Blues

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Eyeshadow Trio in Amazon Greens

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Eyeshadow Trio in Egyptian Sands

Almar Natural Eye Palette

Almar Smokey Eye Palette

Baviphat BB Magic Girls Plus BB Cream

Aura Science Moisture Primer for oily skin (toner)

Aura Science Light lotion for oil/normal skin

 And even SCENT:

Check it out quick cause the deadline is 3/20!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gilded Nails 500 Followers Giveaway

This is an amazing giveaway hosted by the awesome Gilded Nails!

This is a great opportunity to score some awesome polish from brands like OPI,ColorClub, and China Glaze, along with a MAC mineralize skinfinish in stereo rose! So neat! Check it out! The deadline is 3/31.

Makeup is my Medicine Giveaway!

Check out Makeup is My Medicine's Awesome giveaway featured on her blog at

Featuring tons of awesome prizes from brands like NYX, EOS, and Sugarpill! Check the link for all the deets cause my phone wont let me select the lineup of prizes! :)


AprilAthena7's Amazing US & Canada Residents Giveaway!

1st prize

2cnd Prize!

3rd Prize!

So awesome! Go check it out!

Ethereal Beauty Blog Giveaway!

View this on her blog!

1 x Models Prefer Cosmetic Case in satin brown with baby pink polka dots & bow. Super cute!

1 x 6 piece EcoTools Bamboo Brush Set (with bonus mirror). Includes Blush Brush, Eye Shading Brush, Eyeliner Brush, Lash and Brown Groomer, Concealer Brush, Bonus Mirror and Cosmetic Brush Roll.

1 x De Lorenzo Control Shampoo and Revive Conditioner (sample 60ml), 1 x Juuce Likwid Moose Root Raiser (sample 15ml) and 1 x Juuce Full Volume Conditioner (sample 15ml), 1 x Ceramic Silk Thermal Protection Shampoo & Conditioner (sample 10ml)

1 x Bourjois Paris' Regard Effect Duochrome in #59 Violet Rosé Eyeliner (view swatch here)

2 x Savvy By DB Eyeliners in Pearlescent Plum Eyeliner (view swatch here)and Illuminating Indigo

1 x BYS Eyelashes including adhesive, 2 x BYS 5 shadow palette in #12 Tropical Sunse & #10 Smokey Chic

1 x Complete set of 8 Aromaleigh 2011 Valentines Day Collection. Shadows are: Rose Coloured Glasses, Loved & Lost, When Time Stops, Starry-eyed, Loves Easy Tears, Cupid's Arrow, Spark of Romance and Shy Blush. You can view all 8 swatches here.

8 x Aromaleigh eyeshadows in baggies. Shades are: Ring of Fire, You're a Doll!, Cloud, Morbid Curiosity, Terra, Sapphire, Satin Laces and Velvet Goldmine. Remember too that the baggies of shadow sent out for the grab bags had DOUBLE the amount of a standard Aromaleigh shadow!*

1 x Inglot Pigment OF YOUR CHOICE - yup! you pick the colour! Please note the Inglot Pigment in the photo is for image purposes only and will not be sent as it belongs to me. You will recieve one and only one Inglot Pigment in the colour of your choosing, which will be shipped unopened and in it's original packaging

Monday, March 14, 2011

Salvatore Ferragamo EDT Shine Review

So a while back I was in Ulta lusting these perfumes by Salvatore Ferragamo but I didn't buy one because I was low on cashola. My favorite is the Bliss one which I now intend to go purchase now that I remember it. Haha. I bought this Shine set for 15$ at Marshall's today. It has a 1.7 oz EDT and body lotion in it. They also had just the EDT in this size but it was 19$? Wth Marshalls? Haha. This perfume has the following notes:

*pineapple, passion fruit, bergamot,  grapefruit, pink peony, peach, amber, cedar, and musk

Its a nice scent that isn't sickenengly sweet. Not a mysterious sexy scent, but a fun sexy scent. It also lasts a long time on me. Tomorrow i'll do a test so I can tell you an approximate time. I haven't ever smelled anything like this and I love it!

Would I repurchase? I can never finish perfumes. I've never gone through an entire bottle yet, but I can say that if that happened I'd maybe repurchase.

This perfume retails around $59 for this size so it was quite a steal!

Packaging: *****/5
The bottle design is gorgeous and so artistic looking.

Obvs I got this for a steal so my value is great, but I'm rating this based on retail. Its unique and worth the money.

Performance:TBA after further testing!

Overall: so far a ****.5/5!

Check this out if you're into light clean springy scents! Pass if you prefer darker or super sweet scents.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Revire and Swatch: OPI Guy Meets Gal-veston

This is one of the new Spring 2011 polishes from the OPI Texas collection. Named after a city I live not too far from, GMG is a gorge coral jelly that applies like a dream.

OPI calls it a "sorbet"'s a is really sheer on the first coat but gets significantly more punchy with a second coat. I prefer three coats topped off with Poshé myself.

My fam has a cabin at Bolivar so of course this is the first polish I bought from this collection!

Coral is a hot color for spring and summer so give this polish a try!

I know my skin looks yellow in some of these. Lol. I adjusted the color settings to get the color of the polish to be accurate.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review and Swatch: Philosophy Lipgloss in Cinnamon Buns

Philosophy is a really great brand. Their packaging is top notch and the quality of their products are great! In Ulta a few weeks back I picked up their lipgloss in cinnamon buns. It smells so good but not too overpowering to me and I can't tell that it has a taste. Its a clear color with lots of yellow gold glitter in it. It has a pretty long ingredient list but I don't see any parabens on here! It is pretty thick n' goopy but its not super duper sticky or anythin. Recommended? Yes! I want to go back and get the other scents and colors too.

Let's Review
Great smell
Nice color
Decent lasting power
All in all a fun little lipgloss.
Stay away if you don't fancy cinammon smells! Durrrr.
Apologies for the awkward self tanner on my arm. Will address that issue later. Hehe.

Its been a long time.'s been a long time since I last put anything here. Not that anyone reads this anyway. But I figured I'd do things I love and hate about myself.

PhotobucketI like that I actually have an ass instead of a nass (no ass)

PhotobucketI have decent length eyelashes

PhotobucketMy skin gets spotty sometimes but it's generally healthy

PhotobucketI like my height, even though I'm short

PhotobucketMy legs have a fairly decent shape even though there are a lot of scars on them

PhotobucketI hate that my face is asymetrical. It makes me so ugly in the face. My lips bother me the most. I hate hate hate them.

PhotobucketMy nose is ugly and large even though I had 2 surgeries done on it

PhotobucketI have a very very small chest

I am very self conscious and I hate my face. I know I'll never be as gorge as my friends. Its quite depressing. I had a rather hard time coming up with the good things. In jr. high I wouldn't even look myself in the mirror. There are days when I feel pretty and then I try to take a photo for facebook or swatching something and I feel terrible after that.

Any tips on how to be less self conscious?



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