Monday, March 14, 2011

Salvatore Ferragamo EDT Shine Review

So a while back I was in Ulta lusting these perfumes by Salvatore Ferragamo but I didn't buy one because I was low on cashola. My favorite is the Bliss one which I now intend to go purchase now that I remember it. Haha. I bought this Shine set for 15$ at Marshall's today. It has a 1.7 oz EDT and body lotion in it. They also had just the EDT in this size but it was 19$? Wth Marshalls? Haha. This perfume has the following notes:

*pineapple, passion fruit, bergamot,  grapefruit, pink peony, peach, amber, cedar, and musk

Its a nice scent that isn't sickenengly sweet. Not a mysterious sexy scent, but a fun sexy scent. It also lasts a long time on me. Tomorrow i'll do a test so I can tell you an approximate time. I haven't ever smelled anything like this and I love it!

Would I repurchase? I can never finish perfumes. I've never gone through an entire bottle yet, but I can say that if that happened I'd maybe repurchase.

This perfume retails around $59 for this size so it was quite a steal!

Packaging: *****/5
The bottle design is gorgeous and so artistic looking.

Obvs I got this for a steal so my value is great, but I'm rating this based on retail. Its unique and worth the money.

Performance:TBA after further testing!

Overall: so far a ****.5/5!

Check this out if you're into light clean springy scents! Pass if you prefer darker or super sweet scents.

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