Friday, September 3, 2010

Blingy Schmingy

I gotted my navel pierced tuesday night! I schlove it. It is too cute! It is bruised around the piercing though but I am using H2Ocean to keep it clean and I'm not touching it with my dirty hands. I defo don't want any infections!!I keep bumping it at night but it's getting progressively less and less sore. I can't wait till it's all healed up so me and my friend can go shopping for cute navel rings.

The Experience:
I got it pierced at a local tattoo parlour. The staff were super helpful and nice. Everthying in the shop was really clean. I could choose between a plain silver colored barbell or a barbell with a sparkly thing on it so I picked the one with the clear sparkly blingzz. It costed 40$ to get that one done and I paid $7 for a lil can of H2Ocean and tipped the piercer 5$ so that totals at 52$. I watched the piercer wash his hands, put on his gloves, sanatize everything etc. so I knew it was sterile. Then he put a dot where he was going to pierce and asked me if that was where I liked it. Then I laid down on the chair and he put a clamp on the area and after that I squeezed my eyes and held my boyfrann's hand and breathed like he told me to....and then.....KAAZING! I have a cute navel piercing!
I relly am glad i got this done! Its so cute!

Here are some belly rings I think are cute:

Etc: Here are some random pics I've taken lately...

Me before my hilights, back when I had red hair, acting silly

MMMM! Yum! Upside Down Cake drink.

That's all for now! TTYL!

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